Chronic Pain

Pain for more than 6 months is classed as "Chronic Pain" >> This has less to do with the "Bit That Hurts" and more to do with your Brain

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Chronic Pain Affects 40% of the World Population

It is also life changing for many!

It frequently leads to a vicious cycle of reduced activity, sleep disturbance, low mood and depression, reduced enjoyment of life, lower productivity at work, and it often ends up affecting family, colleague and partner relationships.

So we've put together some resources to help you find ways to learn how to master your pain, strategies that will help you to cope better and some ideas of treatments that may be beneficial and help you take back control of your life:

  • The Strain of Pain: Dispelling the myths behind chronic pain with strategies for managing your pain
  • Understanding Chronic Pain
  • Skills to Cope with Chronic Pain
  • How Physical Therapy Can Help You if You Suffer from Chronic Pain
  • How Pain Affects Your Life (infographic for friends and partners)
  • Relaxation for Chronic Pain (exercise handout)
  • Building Activity into Your Everyday Life If You Suffer from Musculoskeletal Pain
  • Chronic Pain: Tips for Managing Activity Levels
  • Daily Activity Template
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